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           Oil Flushing

- We have all the equipment and instruments that can help our team to do a successful pressure test
and flushing operation to your hydraulic system.

- We have a pumping unit [ with a 3 m3 tank] that can pump up to 1250 L/min at 50 bars which is enough tomake flushing to a pressure line  (2.5 inch. 40 ) at velocity 6m/s [as shown in the attached technical reference section ], this unit includes a cooling system to keep  oil temperature acceptable, also this unit works through an electric panel with overload system to ensure that the system is working safely without any power overload problems , also includes a pre-filling unit to fill the system oil tanks through a 10 μ filter, also this unit includes a return line filters which can handle  flow up to 2500 L /min .

- We have the measuring instruments [ contamination control system C.C.S.2 ( Internormen electronics ) and a microscope [in case of anti-fire oil ]  to measure the contamination class of the oil and to ensure that the flushing operation is successfully done .

- We have a pressure test unit able to perform a 500 bar pressure test operation to your system .

- Our team is well experienced with  flushing operations as we performed this operation more than 10 times to a steel plants just like a steel plant in El-Sadat City, Egypt, includes furnace , ladle furnace, continues casting machines , shear units & lam station within a period of approx. 40 days for the flushing only without pressure test period knowing that this team  performs  according to previously agreed procedure .


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